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Real Estate Management Software

Inventive REMS is a comprehensive ERP solution that caters to the real estate industry and can be accessed through a web-based platform or mobile application. It offers a range of features that are tailored to meet the requirements of various stakeholders, such as commercial and multifamily businesses, affordable housing providers, and senior living facilities. Whether you're managing operations or serving customers, Inventive REMS provides the necessary tools to streamline your business processes effectively.

Crucial business functions covered under our modules:

Each module covers a wide array of crucial business functions. Below is an account of a few significant
functions covered under each module:

  • Creates Master setup for companies.
  • Creation and management of users and password
  • Help Desk Support
  • Schedule and Communication management
  • Tally Integration/Migration
  • Defining statutory Setup for the organisation
  • Helps to define Project & Subproject details such as total sale area, basic rate, floor rise rate & payment schedule
  • Maintenance of records of enquiry received through telecalling and other sources
  • Generation of reports of enquiry follow up, source wise enquiry, performance report etc.
  • IVR integration and Unit Status reports
  • Sales Stock and Sales Target maintenance
  • Prioritize Customer Requirements
  • Organize Customer Data Better
  • Safe & Secure transaction details
  • Quick Booking
  • Creation, organisation and assignment of tasks for optimised productivity
  • Notifications on task assignments
  • One-click monitoring of tasks
  • Management of task updates and auto-escalation of pending tasks
  • Management of all Sales activities such as customer record creation, unit allocation, collection of receipts, and car parking allocation
  • Management of all post-sale activities such as sales follow up, cancellation of unit, transfer of unit, and refund
  • Generation of reports such as Installment letter, Demand letter, Reminder letter, Member finance info, Project finance info
  • Creation of brokerage payment schedule and receipts against the schedule
  • Creation of booking forms, payment schedules and receipts against the schedule
  • Tendering and registration of contractors
  • Issuance of service requests and generation of running bills
  • Creation of contractors ledger and service register
  • Lead Management
  • Analytics for improving business performance
  • Making relevant data available to the appropriate departments
  • Track material ordered, delivered, and consumed
  • Reduce material wastage
  • Secure Records of Material Delivery Challan
  • Avoid the hassle of physically managing documents
  • Create custom folders, name them as per your convenience
  • Organized files & folders

A simple solution to manage complex Real Estate processes

Capture. Cultivate. Close

Complete Sales Cycle Management

We are your partner for stunning customer relationships. Now, close more leads with a highly streamlined process. Your system builds Your Business.
  • Visitor Inquiry 
  • Sales Pipeline 
  • Follow up Task 
  • Booking Form 
  • Approval 
  • Broker List 
  • Customer Database
  • Customer Accounts 

All of Your Real Estate Needs in One Simple and Affordable Software

Robust Data Security
The data we gather about you is kept private. We have robust rules, practises, and infrastructure in place to safeguard this information.
Value to Investment
The correct product at the appropriate price can make an investment worthwhile. You may get the ROI you want with the aid of our integrated ERP + CRM solutions.
Real-Time Track
With Inventive Digital Desk, you can keep track of everything in real time, whether it's a lead, an existing customer, a material order, or a sales process.
Reduced Material Wastage
The stuff that is ordered, delivered, and consumed is tracked by creative real estate ERP software. We relieve your business of the suffering caused by material wastage.
Reduced Rework and Error Levels
The likelihood of errors can be significantly decreased by tapping on everything. You can keep track of everything and decrease rework by using Inventive.
24*7 Email Support
We are accessible around-the-clock. If you email us for help, we'll respond to you with a resolution within a day.

An Efficient Software Solution For
The Real Estate Industry



The applications are built into cloud realtors, which brokers can readily access. The cloud-based programmes are regularly updated.



Better data protection is provided by cloud-based software through the consolidation of the documents. Data is centralised and made accessible in one location.



The integrity of the images and supplementary materials for the clients' properties is supported and upheld by the real estate management software.


Faster payment

Sending automatically produced payment reminders enables brokers and real estate agents to receive payments quickly.

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