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Email Marketing & Bulk SMS

"Don't be spam; find a space in people's Inboxes."

Our focus is on developing a user-friendly platform for modern communication, with a strong emphasis on simplicity and functionality, and without any unnecessary features or complex processes. We prioritize delivering high-quality service and reliable delivery through our intelligent bulk SMS gateway, and offer round-the-clock support to our users.
In addition to our SMS services, Inventive offers an affordable and straightforward email marketing solution that provides measurable outcomes and enhances the value of your brand. Our solution allows you to send targeted messages to your customers at the most opportune moments, ensuring that you achieve your desired outcomes.

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Promotional SMS

Typically, promotional SMS is used to communicate any offers or promotions to both potential and current clients. Only during the hours of 9am and 9pm are messages sent to non-DND numbers.

Transactional SMS

Only SMS messages containing alerts and OTPs can be sent to your registered customers using the transactional route. You can send messages around-the-clock using your own 6-character Sender ID.


OTP SMSs are used to verify and authenticate a user, frequently used by banks, online stores, and many other industries. The HTTP API is used to send messages to the user.

Best-in-class email delivery and industry-leading results

Highest email delivery rate that beats the industry average.
15 Million
Transactional Bulk SMS Monthly Delivered
Clients satisfied with our email and SMS service
Our support team is available for assistance

Instant and timely engagement with your customers

Our SMS service delivers messages instantly to your intended audience, resulting in valuable business outcomes. This service is frequently used for:

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Appointments
  • Billing and payments
  • Business communications
  • Competitions
  • Customer campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Staff rostering
Transactional Bulk SMS
Transactional SMS API

Grab customers’ attention with stunning emails – no coding required

Our service offers a single API to reach all of your customers across the globe, ensuring seamless service at the scale required. Inventive boasts more direct operator connections than any other messaging provider, and our private cloud-based carrier-grade network ensures unmatched performance and reliability.

  • Increase your customer base
  • Improve customer engagement

Start Sending SMS in Just 5 Minutes

  • 3 Step Process: Signup > Test > Pay and Start Sending
  • Send Upto 1 Million SMS in One Click
  • DLT registration support
  • Real Time delivery status
  • Minimum downtime assurance
  • Show your name (up to 6characters) instead of a number as the sender ID when sending messages, sent 24x7 with your sender ID
  • Control the amount of time that your message is valid. If a message is not delivered within the specified time, it will be discarded
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