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Diagnostic Lab Management Software

A laboratory management system is software designed to effectively manage sample or associated data. This system's key feature is its ability to produce reliable data quickly, track laboratory-oriented information, and enhance overall experiment efficiency, making it particularly valuable for small laboratories.
Our comprehensive Lab and Diagnostics management system supports all clinic and non-clinic operations in your practice. This all-in-one software includes all the features necessary to run your Diagnostics center, from patient management to staff management.

Every Step of Your Testing Lab Operations Is Better With Our LIMS System

With our feature-rich Laboratory Information Management System, you can decrease your turnaround time and enjoy a variety of benefits for your lab business. Explore the advantages of our LIMS system at each stage of your sample journey.

Patient Registration

Enter details of the patient, register and access any patient information in just a few taps. Deep integrations allow you to map and retrieve updated patient data from any end of the laboratory management system.

Quick and Easy Registration

Access Data from Anywheres

Real-time Dashboard


No more demand overflows. Manage workflows, maintain queues, and fulfil lab orders faster with Inventive LIMS. It can be integrated with both OPD and/or IPD.

Meet Demand At Scale

Manage in-house and outside labs

Real-time snapshot

All Your Patient Bookings In One Place

Automate all front desk procedures from registration to sample collection. Manage lab workflows end to end and uninterrupted for all orders from a single place. Configurable forms, automated communications, online payment integrations, and more offer a seamless experience to your B2B and patients.

Configurable Forms For Patients & Orders

Sample Process Tracking

Turnaround Time Management

Tap & Collect Samples With Process Automation

Collect samples at order requests. You can also physically collect them in a standardized manner using the B D vacutainer guide, collection guide & instructions. Collecting samples at the center is just a tap away with sample automation & preset facility.

laboratory information system sample accession and standardization

Collection Vacutainers Based On Test & Sample Type

Define Collection Instructions For Your Staff

Prompt Important Instructions For Critical Tests

Lab Billing

Automated laboratory service billing, add lab tests, groups, packages as per your lab practices.

Easy And Organized Reporting

Digital and print formats

Bird eye analytics

QR Coded Receipt

QR codes are printed on the receipt. Patients can scan the QR code to get a PDF of the receipt. PDFs can be easily shared with doctors or anyone else.

lab report approval automation in lims

Conditional Automated Approvals

Multi-Approval Process

Approve Reports On The Go

Lab MIS Reports

Business summary across multiple locations is available as an MIS, Excel & PDF with a click. Manage accounting End-Of-Day balances and daily collections efficiently with MIS reports. They are easy to search, filter, export & share through the LIMS System.

lis system with lab report delivery automation

Manage Daily Collections

Consolidated Summary Reports

Benefits of LIMS

  • Lower costs on the long term
  • Decreased congestion in the laboratory
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved sample management
  • Take control over all the labs at different locations with Multilocation management.
Complete Automated Lab Solution Purpose-Built To Meet All Your Lab Needs.

Run on multiple computers

Access over phone, anytime, anywhere


No installation hassles

Regular software updates

Hassle free and fast setup

Online customer support

Easy to operate

Keep your patients updated with

Automated SMS

SMS is delivered to the patients even if they are subscribed to DND or if the message is sent in late hours, as all the messages are sent via transactional route.


Welcome SMS

Inventive LIMS automatically sends welcome SMS to patients with your lab name and phone number.


Bill SMS

Sending bill info through SMS removes fear of losing physical bill, establishes trust and transparency with your patients.


Report ready SMS

Don't keep your patients waiting. Inventive LIMS will automatically send report ready SMS when it is marked final.

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