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Customer Relationship Management

A CRM solution consolidates all results in one place, providing a seamless experience that benefits both you and your business. It boosts sales, maintains records of regular clients, and enhances work efficiency.

Utilize the leading CRM platform to efficiently cultivate, evaluate, and transform leads into closed deals for faster sales.

  • Boost your sales process with the ability to quickly scan and sell with ease.
  • Effortlessly locate important contacts and streamline your follow-up process.
  • Get a comprehensive view of all sales information at a glance, simplifying sales, lead, and contract management.

Experience the Ease of Doing Business

The Inventive CRM platform goes beyond traditional methods by enhancing sales conversion rates and revenue. It helps identify high-priority deals at the right time, improving overall sales performance.

Seamless Integration

The seamless integration feature of our platform ensures fast and flawless integration with various Web Service APIs, Email Integrations, and other systems. Our in-house experts guarantee a quick implementation process.

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Our platform's user interface is intentionally designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, making work simpler for our users.

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No Hidden Costs & Affordable Solutions

Inventive prides itself on transparency, accountability, and affordability. We offer solutions that are easy on your pocket with no hidden costs.

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Diverse choices of Implementation

Our platform offers diverse implementation choices, including Web Services APIs, Email Integrations, and more. These integrations make daily activities easier for our users.

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Integrated to one dashboard

Automate sales and services in one dashboard with our integrated platform, saving time and resources.

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Our platform offers over 500 reporting tools, providing users with diverse and customizable reports to fit their needs.

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Eliminate spreadsheets and spend more time selling

  • Eliminate spreadsheets and spend more time selling
  • Automated tracking of emails, calls, and meetings
  • Act quickly, gain intelligence, and personalize every transaction
  • Access insightful and customized reports and dashboards
  • Collect and sync key information directly from your inbox
  • Obtain a clear, immediate, and customizable view of all sales details
  • Conduct deep analysis on-the-go and grow your business like never before

Seamless Integration, Infinite Possibilities

Our platform offers seamless integration with various business apps, services, APIs, databases, and more. By integrating with Salesforce, we help increase efficiency and reduce costs for our users.

We do this by:

  • Integrating Inventive with ERP Systems like SAP and others, hosted locally or on Cloud
  • Integrating Inventive with Pardot-B2B marketing automation application
  • Integrating Inventive with Other Marketing Automation Applications
  • Integrating Inventive with AppExchanged listed applications

See what makes Inventive the choice of
top business leaders

  • Lead and contact management

    • Easily identify and find key contacts
    • Accelerate lead conversion and improve sales outcomes
    • Quick and easy follow-up on leads
    • Track calls, emails, messages, and meetings for streamlined management.
  • Sales opportunity management

    • View all sales details on a single screen
    • Automate key information from your inbox
    • Close deals anytime, anywhere
    • Add intelligence and personalization to every transaction.
  • Customisable reports and dashboards

    • Access all necessary information in one location
    • Enjoy a user-friendly platform
    • Benefit from rich features
    • Receive yearly upgrades and innovative advancements.

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