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Time-saving software to help media owners to grow media inventory
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Outdoor Media Management Software

Our system provides a complete set of features that cater to the unique requirements of Sales, Accounting, Operations, and Management, delivering a comprehensive business management solution for outdoor advertising companies.

Our software is designed as an asset management resource tailored specifically for billboards. It enables you to track and inventory billboards, providing analysis of advertising on routes, creating reports and monitoring specific events. With its ability to track billboards, the platform is useful for marketing analysis, highway maintenance, and maintaining beautification standards, making Outdoor Advertising Control a valuable tool for both government agencies and private organizations.

360° Business Automation Software For Outdoor Advertising Media Organizations


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Here’s what makes Inventive #1 outdoor advertising software
We’re #1 outdoor advertising media management platform that brings automation and productivity to your business.

Our awesome features

We are dedicatedly working towards improving working efficiency of OOH Industry in India

Site - Vendor Management / Leasing

Organize your media contact information using Inventive to simplify the computation of media return on investment for government agencies and other media suppliers.

Employee Management

With our web and mobile application, you can easily oversee and monitor the progress of your staff from any location.

Customer Management

Revamp your customer database to enhance customer service, keep customers informed about payments, and track the progress of your campaigns.

Real Time Media Sharing

Using prepared Excel, PowerPoint, and Google maps, you can quickly and easily share real-time media availability with customers and agencies for ongoing and upcoming campaigns.

Media on Map

Optimize your media campaigns by tagging the precise location of your media on Google Maps and sharing it with your clients. This will enhance the optimization of your media and make it easier for your clients to access it.

Campaign Creation & Sharing

Create a short-term marketing strategy that utilizes both owned and vendor-shared media, and provide a comprehensive plan that includes media specifics, images, and a media map to ensure effectiveness.

Track Quotation / Invoices

Create a campaign using your own owned media as well as material shared by suppliers or relationships, and quickly create an effective plan with all the media data, images, and media mapping.

Media Operations

Handle various tasks related to media management such as assigning geographic coordinates, organizing, monitoring, and printing payments in connection to one's own media.

Campaign Cost sheet

To determine the final ROI on a campaign after paying out to all suppliers, be familiar with the cost sheet for each campaign.

Business Reports

Use business records such as sales reports, ageing reports, payout reports, media occupancy reports, and media business % to evaluate the effectiveness of your company.

Mobile App

The Inventive Mobile App has been integrated into the Inventive platform, enabling users to track their business inventory and geotag their media on Google maps.


The security feature integrated into our system provides online data protection through the use of anti-malware and network firewalls.

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Client emails, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, PDF, and other documents that are cohesively connected together.


Nearly every element of our programme can be customised to fit your business's particular outdoor advertising business operations.


Our programme creates automated emails to managers who are responsible for a campaign to tell them of the deadline and request an extension.

Data Security

To ensure security, our software is created using market-leading standards for data encryption. It is also housed on servers that are secured at your workplace and stored there.

Easy team collaboration

Promote effective teamwork across departments and branches by facilitating communication between your customers and teams.

Business Analytics

By gaining access to measurements for campaign effectiveness, salesperson productivity, and other crucial supporting data, you can get understanding into the development of your company.

Hierarchical Teams

With our software, you may group your internal users according to a variety of criteria, like the type of outdoor media site, the category, the market, the type of client, or any other pertinent factors.

Flexible Enough

High levels of customization are available in our programme to match your unique needs. Workflows for your outdoor advertising company can be configured in a variety of ways, from the most straightforward to the most complex.

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Outdoor Advertising Software
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150 +
Inbuilt business analytical reports
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