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Online IVR

Smart IVR is an enterprise-grade cloud communications platform that powers some of the Leading-known brands in emerging markets. From cloud-based call centers that process millions of calls an hour to lead management systems that integrate in real-time with CRM to community mobilization systems that reach hundreds of millions, Smart IVR has done it all with its voice call APIs.

Smart IVR provides the technology to execute complex IVR actions through a virtual number. The IVR created is executed during calls. Clients can instruct the IVR to perform a host of actions including digit capture, voice capture (with consent), sound play, call transfer and many more.

  • Customize any call flow
  • Personalize sales and customer support
  • Run 24/7/365
  • Integrate with any CRM or ERP
  • Access thousands of virtual numbers

  • Smart IVR is ideal for any company that needs one- or two-way communication with its stakeholders to ensure completion or efficiency of any business process. These could be firms involved in digital or mobile marketing, online classifieds, e-commerce, online shopping, logistics, BPO and healthcare, or franchisee-based organizations.


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